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Mehuron's Wine & Spirits

With over 1000 labels, we have the largest selection of wines in Central Vermont.

Our collection proudly boasts limited releases of Cakebread, Caymus, Dominus, Opus I, Heitz Cellar's, Ravenswood & Ridge Single Vineyard.

Choose from a huge selection of domestic varieties as well as wines from France, Australia, Chile, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and South Africa.

We are also a Vermont State Liquor Store, offering traditional spirits as well as all your favorite local micro-brews.

Have a question? Ask our Wine Expert Nancy Armstrong.

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    Buying wine to hold for another time? Storage area should be cool, 55 - 60 degrees. The temperature should remain fairly constant, the area should be slightly damp or humid. The area should be dark or, at least, free from most light.
    Never store your wine in direct sunlight.
    The bottles should be stored on their side to prevent the corks from drying out.

    Wine & Beer Specials:
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    Hob Nob
    Pinot Noir
    750 mL
    Liberty School
    750 mL
    C.K. Mondavi
    1.5 L
    Magic Hat
    15 Pack Cans
    $16.49 + dep.
    4 Pack Bottles
    $6.99 + dep.
    Sierra Nevada
    12 Pack Cans
    $15.99 + dep.
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