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Mehuron's Deli

The Supermarket Deli had its beginning in the late 1920's when retailers recognized the success of the neighborhood deli's and began incorporating the concept into their grocery stores. These service deli's grew in popularity and are one of the most important departments in today's supermarkets.

We here at Mehuron's offer a Full Service Deli, featuring a variety of Vermont Meats and Cheeses, homemade soups and lunch specials daily.  For those days where your just to busy to cook - we have fresh meals-to-go!

Our Deli also carries a fine selection of Italian Salami, Sopressata, Copocolla, Prosciutto, Pancetta, French Champagne and Pate.  Also we have an extended variety of cheeses from 16 different countries that changes weekly.

Having a Party? Order a Deli Platter!
  • Sandwich Platters
  • Classic Meat & Cheese Platters
  • Shrimp Cocktail or Garden Veggies
  • Wings & Things or Cheese Sampler
  • Cookies & Pastry Platters
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Call the Deli Department at (802) 496-3700 to place an order; we will have it ready when you arrive.

  • Mehuron's Specialty Cheeses...

  • Cheese Precepts...

  • Deli Specials:
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    Deli Sliced
    Shurfine Pastrami
    $6.99 lb.
    Turkey Breast
    $5.99 lb.
    Meisterchef Bologna
    $2.49 lb.
    Macaroni & Cheese Loaf
    $4.99 lb.
    Deli Sliced
    Provolone Cheese
    $3.99 lb.
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